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We never stop looking for ways to make things better…

One hundred years after the introduction of the Condulet, Cooper Crouse-Hinds remains the leader in conduit outlet bodies.  To meet the evolving demand and environments, the Condulet line has grown to include six distinct families of products, manufactured in sand-cast gray iron, sand-cast malleable iron, sand-cast copper-free aluminum, and die-cast aluminum.  Bodies are offered in 10 different shapes to provide users with the most flexible offering on the market, and the recent introduction of new integrally gasketed Condulet covers saves customers inventory and labor costs.


Cooper Crouse-Hinds SmartGuard 

SmartGuard protective plates provide the most cost

effective way to protect commercial and residential

electrical boxes and wiring from sheetrock mud, sanding dust, and paint. The router resistant material helps reduce expensive and non-productive call backs and reworks. The see through clear cover makes inspection quick and easy. SmartGuard. Its name says it all!


Cooper Crouse-Hinds MetalGuard

and residential electrical boxes and wiring fromMetalGuard protective plates protect commercial

sheetrock mud, sanding dust, and paint and

are perfect when a metallic protective plate is

preferred. The heavy duty metallic plates help

reduce expensive and non-productive call backs

and reworks.


We Give You A Total Solution

PRE-formance products from Cooper

Crouse-Hinds combine the labor and

time-saving benefits of a pre-fab product

with the ability to accommodate design

changes in the field.

Don’t waste time on your next job

roughing it—put new PRE-formance

products to work for you today.


PRE-formance provides:

· Labor savings

· Lower total cost of ownership

· Skill set allocation to match job requirements

· Elimination of unproductive and expensive spot buying

· Elimination of material job site “piles”

· Reduction of overages and scrap


46W LED Tasklight provides as much light as 100W HID and lasts 7 times longer.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds LED Tasklight

is designed for the targeted illumination

of equipment and pathways in hazardous

locations where general room or area

lighting is insufficient or has been

reduced to conserve energy.

The LED Tasklight delivers up to 60,000

hours of white light in a corrosion

resistant and watertight package, offering

years of maintenance-free operation. This

compact fixture delivers light output similar

to many lower wattage HID fixtures at a

fraction of the energy, resulting in reduced

operating costs.


Cooper Crouse-Hinds® Non-Metallic Enclosures

Setting the standard with safe, reliable electrical

products, people, procedures and proficiencies.

Delivering advantage you can use every day.


Fiberglass Enclosures are:

• Lighter and easier to handle

• Strong enough to hold up under extreme conditions

• Equal to stainless steel in corrosion and chemical resistance, and far better than carbon steel

• Non-conductive (an electrical insulator rather than electrical conductor)

• Easier to punch, drill or saw

• Less expensive to ship


ENR Dead Front Interlocked 2P Circuit Breaking Receptacles

ENR receptacles and ENP plugs are used:

· with portable electrical equipment such as compressors, tools, lighting systems, and similar devices

· in areas made hazardous by the presence of flammable vapors and gases or combustible dusts

· wherever portable electrical equipment is likely to be transferred from hazardous to nonhazardous areas

· in damp and corrosive areas

· when power requirements do not exceed 20 amperes

· where general purpose application is required


Champ Floodlight Fixtures

Whenever Cooper Crouse-Hinds develops a new

product, system, or procedure, we focus on one

overriding question: Will it lower the total cost of

ownership for our customers?

With our new expanded line of Champ® Floodlights,

the answer is most definitely, “Yes.”


Cooper Crouse-Hinds utilized more than 100 years

of hazardous lighting expertise to design a global

floodlight line of unmatched reliability, quality, and

performance for your area lighting needs.


? Energy efficient with optimal light output and

beam distribution

? The most accessible ballast assembly in the industry

? Restricted breathing is standard on all floodlights

? Offered with both North American ballast (made to

ANSI standard) and European style IEC ballast

gear (pending)

? UL Marine rated, NEMA Type 4X and IP66


Arktite® Plugs, Receptacles, and Connectors


Cooper Crouse-Hinds invented the North American

pin and sleeve design over 75 years ago and it is

still the predominate product of choice in the

industrial marketplace today.


The Arktite name was selected to convey our

innovative arc-snuffing design that enabled large

power loads to be disconnected under load without

causing an arc flash in the area. This was a particularly important objective in the petroleum, petrochemical, and mining industries in the early 1900’s.


While many have tried to copy our field-proven,

reliable designs over the years, there is no substitute

for a genuine Cooper Crouse-Hinds Arktite pin

and sleeve device. Many design improvements

have been introduced since our original design.

Each time, Cooper Crouse-Hinds has taken special

care to ensure the new models would still intermate

and perform properly with previous models. If you

have an Arktite product that needs a mate, you

can rest assure that today’s model will fit and

operate in any Arktite device.