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Protect your electrical power wiring and power semiconductors with a single fuse.


In our work with industrial customers across the U.S., we're frequently asked about arc flash hazards—what they are, how to protect workers from them, and how various regulations affect plant procedures.

Because Ferraz Shawmut has been heavily involved with arc flash testing and research, we have a wealth of experience to share. So we've developed this website to provide a reliable source of information about this vital, still-evolving topic.



Ferraz Shawmut FSPDBs introduce a new level of safety and ease for installing power distribution blocks. An IP20 level of finger safe protection is achieved using FSPDBs, eliminating the need for special covers or custom plexiglass sheets to protect your panels. FSPDBs (sizes 1 to 4) simply snap onto 35mm DIN rail to provide the quickest installation. Modular design also allows for multi pole applications by use of assembly pins. FSPDBs provide a safe, convenient way of splicing cables, splitting primary power into a variety of secondary circuits or providing a fixed junction tap-off point


SURGE TRAP® Surge Protective Device

The no-fuse surge suppressor DIN rail tvss (thermally protected)

The Surge Trap Surge Protective Device from Ferraz Shawmut is an innovative enhancement to the existing TPMOV® (Thermally Protected MOV) product line.

The Surge-Trap provides a patented, thermally protected MOV

that does not require additional overcurrent protection due to the high interrupting rating. It also offers the flexibility to be connected individually or ganged together. Each individual mode has a visual and remote indicator to provide status to critical control circuits.



Ferraz Shawmut ULTRASAFE™ Fuse Modules have a unique, compact design suited for use with 45mm wide IEC contactors. These modules also offer other features not found on other Class CC and midget Ultrasafe fuse holders such as an auxiliary contact option. When the auxiliary is wired to an adjacent contactor the load is dropped out by the contactor immediately once someone tries to open the fuse extractor handle. Additionally, the fuse module features padlock capabilities, compact busbars for line side terminations, and tool free removal from DIN rail. Yet the fuse modules still incorporate well known Ultrasafe features such as IP20 protection, easy operating fuse extraction handles and an open fuse visual indication option.