Wiring Duct

PANDUIT Wiring Duct is the premium wire management product for routing and concealing wiring in control panels.  A wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials are available to meet the wire capacity needs and space constraints of the smallest wall mounted panels to the largest integrated turnkey systems.



PANDUIT Terminals are designed and manufactured for superior electrical performance.  A complete line of high quality insulated and non-insulated terminals, disconnects, splices, wire joints and ferrules offered in loose piece, reel fed, and various other configurations with worldwide availability.  Applicable sizes are UL Listed and CSA Certified, RoHS compliant, ABS Approved, Class 1E Nuclear Rated, DFARS252.225-7014 Compliant and meet Military Specifications MS25036 and MS20669.  Extensive line of ergonomic tooling including controlled cycle hand tools, battery operated hydraulic, and pneumatic crimping tools when combined with PANDUIT loose piece terminals provide a UL/CSA certified connection.  Industry leading automated termination tooling for use with reel fed terminals and ferrules provides a one applicator/press system engineered to accelerate repetitive operations, improve productivity, and reduce downtime, while maintaining quality and reliability.


PANDUCT ® PANELMAX ™ Corner Wiring Duct – Space Saving One-Piece Construction


PANDUCT ® PANELMAX ™ Corner Wiring Duct is an innovative wire

management product that makes more efficient use of space inside enclosures, speeds installation, and reduces control panel assembly costs. PANELMAX ™ Corner Wiring Duct is used in the vertical corners of medium to large electrical control panels (with both side and back panels) to route, conceal, and protect electrical wiring. The unique base design provides up to 20% savings in the enclosure footprint area or up to 5 square feet of additional sub-panel space.

Design features to ease wiring and installation:

? One-piece base with co-extruded flexible hinges

? Quick mount clips

? Integrated mounting feature for divider wall

? Compatibility with standard wiring duct and covers



TDP43M Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer


The TDP43M Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer is capable of producing component labels, safety and facility markers, and self-laminating, heat shrink and vinyl cloth wire/cable markers. The 300 dpi thermal transfer print resolution of the TDP43M ensures durable, crisp, clear printing of labels that are professional and robust. Flexibility and speed make the TDP43M an essential tool for your current and future labeling requirements. Using the TDP43M Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer with PANDUIT ® EASY-MARK ™ Labeling Software is the economical way to solve your on-demand labeling needs.


Achieve Panel Space Optimization with PANELMAX ™ DIN Rail Wiring Duct


PANDUIT ® PANELMAX ™ DIN Rail Wiring Duct is an innovative wire management solution that maximizes space utilization within industrial enclosures, for flexibility in panel layout and reduced material and installation costs. The unique design raises components from the panel surface for easier component access and faster connections. Three sizes of the DIN Rail Wiring Duct base are compatible with common DIN rail and DIN mount components1 to satisfy a wide range of applications.


• Space saving design allows positioning of DIN rail and components directly above an integrated wire management channel for up to a 30% smaller footprint


• Provides increased design flexibility and component access for easier installation and maintenance


• DIN rail mounts directly to wiring duct with plastic thread cutting screws for up to 40% faster duct and rail installation and reduced labor costs2


• Compatible with 35mm or 15mm DIN rail and many

DIN rail mount components for design flexibility1


IP67 sealed Industrial TX5e Connectors provide an ideal solution to support Industrial Ethernet devices on the plant floor.

In this harsh industrial environment, where the connectivity and control devices can be affected by dust ingress, chemical exposure, wash-down, moisture, high temperatures, vibration and other environmental conditions, commercial grade product designs are inadequate.

The IP67 rated Industrial TX5e Connectors protect against these forms of contamination and physical deterioration ensuring that network performance, reliability and efficiency are maintained. Features, such as the “designed-in” redundant seals on the jacks and plugs offer a water-tight defense that provides integrity for the Ethernet data transfer from the switch and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) out to the devices or up to the horizontal plant backbone.

The bulkhead RJ45 Industrial TX5e Connectors are imperative to a fully integrated Industrial Ethernet system.