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Digital Multimeters: Choosing the Right Digital Multimeter

Compact digital multimeters

Get all the essential features in a compact, easy-to-use tool made by the industry leader. Fluke has meters for electricians, HVAC, Electronics/field service, and electrical utilities.
Primary compact meters: Fluke 113, 115, 116, 117.

General purpose digital multimeters

For every-day use, you need an accurate, rugged meter for electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. Things to consider: Would a wireless display make your job easier? Do you need built-ins like temperature?
Primary general purpose meters: Fluke 233, 179, 77 IV.

Specialty digital multimeters

Some meters take it to the next level. Waterproof meters survive the harshest industrial environments. Automotive meters test alternator diodes, duty cycles, switches and solenoids. Intrinsically safe meters can be used in explosive environments.
Primary specialty meters: 28II, 88V, 87V EX.

Advanced digital multimeters

For serious troubleshooting on electronic equipment or industrial loads, you need a meter with all the bells and whistles. A low-pass filter for reading VSD outputs. Logging and graphing data onscreen to capture intermittent problems.
Primary advanced meters: Fluke 87V, 289, 287.

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